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Le Pépin Chardonnay

Alcohol:   12.5%
pH: 3.45
Residual Sugar:   n/a
Vin de France

Le Pépin is French for grape pip or seed. Wines from “Vin de France” appellation allow for winemakers the flexibility to make wines from a selection of grape varieties. This unoaked Chardonnay offers fruity characters of ripe pear, dried apples, hazelnut and light butter with pastry notes.

Look for “Vin de France” on the label as an endorsement and guarantee for high quality and origin of wines produced exclusively in France. France has the historical and technological know-how of winemaking, as well as extremely diverse, high quality soils and climates. The origins of Chardonnay can be traced back to Dijon in eastern France.

Harvested at the peak of their maturity under cool conditions. No oak.

Trader Joe’s

Chardonnay from France is great with a wide variety of different foods. The natural elegance is great as a aperitif, as well as turkey, chicken, fish, shrimp and goat cheese.
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